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Our range of beverages

All of Bays Brewery’s hand-crafted ales, lagers, and real tasty drinks undergo the finest quality care that can be achieved. Bays Brewery strives for the utmost balance and consistency in every drink to every customer. Whether the drink in your hand ranges from the Gold Lager to Amadeus Pilsener or Thirst Ade or any in between know that there is a brewed passion behind each one.

Signature Series

Bays Gold lager

Golden Lager
4.2% ABV
Colour Profile: Golden
Hop Profile: Low to Med Low
Pairing Suggestion: Bays Gold Lager with Light Chicken or Fish dishes, Soups and Salads Suggested Glass: Benidorm Pint
Bays Gold is a Golden Pale Lager that provides a delicate balance of European staple Hallertauer and Saaz hops. Gold offers a sturdy malt base while enabling the true Lager flavours to come out. This go-to Lager offers all that one could want in a sessionable style beer.

Bays Draught Ale

Draught Ale
4% ABV
Colour Profile: Medium Amber
Hop Profile: Med Low to Med
Pairing Suggestion: Bays Kiwi Draught with Fish and Chips is a match made in heaven. Also Pork dishes provide a great pairing.
Suggested Glass: Benidrom Pint
This Kiwi style Draught Beer offers a small twist on tradition. Keeping the Kiwi palate in mind, Draught has a unique hop aroma character combined with a malty flavour base. Unlike mass produced products, Draught has been matured in the fermentation stage for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Bays Dark Ale

Dark Ale
4% ABV
Colour Profile: Deep Brown
Hop Profile: Low to Med Low
Pairing Suggestion: Bays Dark Ale and Meat and Cheese Pie, can it get better? Also, hearty roasts and steak.
Suggested Glass: Benidorm Pint
This Dark style Ale offers a full-bodied flavour, but not too heavy taste. The Dark is a dark coloured but light tasting sessionable product that can be enjoyed over and over again year-round. A local favourite, Bays Dark is a very drinkable beer that’s hard to put down. Bays Dark finishes smooth with its chocolate malt addition and lacks the heavy component in many other darker beers because of its pilsener malt.

Harleys Ale

New Zealand Pale Ale
4% ABV
Colour Profile: Light Copper/Amber
Hop Profile: Med to Med High
Pairing Suggestions: Indian or Mediterranean food along with Shellfish
Suggested Glassware: Nonic Imperial Pint
Serving Temperature: 2 to 4
This New Zealand style Pale Ale creates a mildly hopped aroma profile combined with a subtle malt balance. Harleys takes a traditional English Pale Ale and adds some specialty New Zealand hops and malt. Harleys is named after Nelson’s early iconic brewer, (who became one of Nelson City’s most eminent forefathers.) Not to be confused with the original Harleys brew, this new and improved beer creates a significantly different taste profile altogether. Enjoy a Harleys Pale Ale at local pubs and restaurants.

Brewmaster’s Series

Amadeus Pilsener

Pilsener Lager
5% ABV
Colour Profile: Crisp Golden Blonde
Hop Profile: Moderate to Medium High
Pairing Suggestion: The hoppy character of this beer will cut through any fried, greasy or spicy food such as Thai or Indian curries. The lightness and malt character will enhance and complement heavy and hearty foods without filling up too fast.
Suggested Glass: Classic Pilsener Glass, poured slowly with a large head
Serving Temperature: 2 to 5

Pilseners are seen as the classic gold standard in European Lagers. Amadeus offers a true Pilsener style fresh malt balance and hints of caramel with plenty of aroma and bitterness from its hop counterpart. The hop aroma and malt profile remains consistent with many European Pilseners. With world renowned New Zealand hops (Saaz and Hallertau), Amadeus makes you fondly ponder this beverage. Following the German Law of Purity of 1516, Amadeus is a tribute to the original Bohemian Pilsener style lager created in the city of Plzen, Bohemia. Look for the Amadeus Pilsener on tap at local pubs and restaurants and ask for it in a Classic Pilsener glass.

Bengal Bitter

English style IPA
5.2% ABV
Colour Profile: Deep Amber/Chestnut
Hop Profile: Medium High to Strong, Balanced
Pairing Suggestion: IPA’s enhance spicy food such as Thai or Indian Curries and can stand up to strong cheeses and meats. It will overpower lighter foods.
Suggested Glassware: Nonic Imperial Pint
Serving Temperature: 2 to 4

This New Zealand style IPA offers an amazing hop aroma and profile, while having a balanced malt character that keeps you coming back for more. Bengal Bitter is decisively New Zealand hopped with a caramelly malt character and fruity, nutty flavours coming through. It is balanced by a crisp, bitter finish. This Bengal Bitter IPA is hoppy enough for the hopheads but at the same time allows for more than one without affecting the next drink. The English style IPA was created out of necessity against the elements of travel. To supply a beer that would quench the thirsts of the English Army in the newly acquired Indian colonies, brewers had to create a beer that would stand up to the test of a long voyage from the UK to India. The solution was to over hop the traditional English Pale Ale to preserve it longer and reach the troops unspoiled. This beer style that became popular in the mid 1700’s continues to show popularity in the present-day craft drinking community all over the world.

Exclamator Doppelbock

Bavarian Doppelbock
7.5% ABV
Colour Profile: Chocolate Deep Brown
Hop Profile: Low to Medium Low, Balanced
Pairing Suggestion: Roasted meats such as venison and beef work well along with buttery cheeses like Brie and Gouda. Doppelbock is great with chocolate desserts and ice cream.
Suggested Glassware: Bavarian Stein or Handle
Serving Temperature: 4 to 9

This Bavarian style Doppelbock is not to be underestimated. While having 5 different specialty malts and 2 specialty hops, Exclamator offers a powerful malt body that is not overpowering at first with a welcoming hop aroma that is slightly hiding behind the malt presence. Exclamator offers a massive caramel aroma, often with a gentle toasty bittersweet finish. This robust beer drinks very easy for its darkness and has been known to sneak up on one and should be observed with caution deservingly. The Doppelbock, following the German Law of Purity of 1516, has deep German roots, with Doppel meaning Double and Bock meaning Ram or Goat. Exclamator aligns with tradition and expresses a strong German brew. The –Ator at the end of Exclamator is a traditional way of distinguishing the beer as a Doppelbock. Other breweries have used Big Horn Sheep or Mountain Goats to signify this as well. Originated in Einbeck, Germany, Doppelbock was celebrated in the winter months during the holidays. The Exclamator, however, can be celebrated year round in moderation.

Urbrau Lager

5% ABV
Colour Profile: Pale Straw 
Hop Profile: Medium Level 
Pairing Suggestion: Shellfish such as scallops and oysters 
Suggested Glassware: Classic Pilsner glass
Serving Temperature: 2+

This German style lager is pale straw in colour and is a medium bodied beer. It has a medium hop flavour and is very smooth to drink. Naturally brewed this hand crafted beer has been made from the highest quality malts and hops.

Urbock Amber

6% ABV
Colour Profile: Reddish Brown
Hop Profile: Low to Medium Level
Pairing Suggestion: Smoked salami, smoked cheese with banana chutney and crackers
Suggested Glassware: 320ml Cervoise (stemmed) Glass
Serving Temperature: 4 - 5 in Summer, 8 - 10 in Winter

This very typical malt style beer with its malt accented flavour is a pleasure to drink. At 6% ABV Urbock is more suited to round the evening off rather than an all day beer. To be enjoyed all year round Urbock is particularly suited for those colder days and nights. When served at room temperature in winter you can enjoy all the wonderful flavours this beer offers. 

Real Tasty Drink Series

Thirst Ade Lemonade

Real Tasty Drink Series
4% Alc
Alcoholic Lemonade
Thirst Ade
After the public demanded an Alcoholic Lemonade, Thirst Ade and its’ refreshing, thirst-quenching ability was the response. This Alcoholic Lemonade incorporates only the freshest local lemons for the syrup that was developed specifically for this thirst quencher. Perfect for a hot summer day or for a post-activity drink, Thirst Ade fits into your plans for a very refreshing beverage.

Missouri Bourbon & Cola

Real Tasty Drink Series
7% Alc
Bourbon & Cola
Missouri Bourbon & Cola
Missouri brings you back to hanging out with your family and mates around the BBQ, sipping on your favourite Bourbon with a refreshing splash of Cola. The classic combination of Bourbon and Cola transcends you to a happy, relaxed, and peaceful place. Enjoy this Missouri Bourbon and Cola as a True Taste of the South responsibly.

Chico Lemonade

Real Tasty Drink Series
5% Alc
Tequila & Lemonade
Chico Lemonade
Chico Tequila and Lemonade brings you a little taste of Mexico in every drop. Chico combines the smoothness of Tequila together with the zing of Lemonade to bring you something a little different. This delicious, refreshing, easy to drink beverage allows you to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in New Zealand every day.


Homestead Cider

Traditional Cider
8.4% ABV
Colour Profile: Mild Golden Apple
Hop Profile: Nonexistent
Pairing Suggestion: The standard Ploughman’s Lunch is a perfect fit for this refreshing Cider.
Suggested Glassware: Tapered 12oz Glass
Serving Temperature: Served Over Ice

This select English style Cider uses the choicest Braeburn Cider apples as a base, sourced from local Nelson orchards. Homestead Cider embodies the Yeoman farmer of the South of England by offering a true hand crafted Cider that would fit in well amongst the farmers and field workers. Homestead Cider shares in this time-honoured tradition of Cider brewing by incorporating tried and true South England techniques. There is a long fermentation process that separates this Homestead Cider apart from many others. New Zealand has a long history of growing fruit, especially apples in the Nelson Region of the upper South Island. This refreshingly crafted Cider honours the English Cider history with its traditional and concentrated brewing process. Enjoy responsibly in a local pub or restaurant or on a grassy hill under the sun.

Blackcurrant Cider

5.2% ABV
Colour Profile: Black Currant
Pairing Suggestion: Cheese, red pepper / tomato relish on dry crackers.
Suggested Glass: Mild 250ml Cider handle
Serving Temperature: Summer over ice & Winter +5

This very refreshing Blackcurrant and Apple Cider, not to be confused with a berry cider has a Braeburn apple base infused with blackcurrant juice. The blackcurrants slightly tart taste balances out the apples perfectly. A delicious cider enjoyed by male and female alike is great for bbq's, picnics or socialising with friends.


Zinga Lemonade

Non-Alcoholic Beverage
0% Alc
Zinga N/A Lemonade
Zinga is a perfect Alcohol substitute for any occasion. This completely non-alcoholic beverage is perfect for enjoying at your leisure, a way to break up your alcohol intake or just something for the kids.

Apple & Blackcurrant

Non-Alcoholic Beverage
0% Alc
Keep It Natural Apple & blackcurrant is a carbonated fruit drink produced by Nelson Bays Brewery from 100% locally sourced high quality blackcurrants and apples. Bays Brewery saw a need in the market for a healthy alternative to the non alcoholic beverages currently sold. A drink enjoyed by all the family.

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